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Diagnostic Screening - Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice Ultrasound Package


Diagnostic Screening Measurements

• Equivalent to Level 1 Measurements
• Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW) and growth percentile
• Baby Position
• Fetal heart rate (FHR)
• Measurements include: BPD, HC, AC, FL, AFI, CL, Cervix-Placenta
• 3D4D5D - if possible (this is not a 3D ultrasound)
• We have ARDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers)
• This is a screening ultrasound
• Upon Request we will send your health provider and/or you the report.
• 2 photos; 20 minutes
• You can add an 8K life-like image only if possible or heartbeat animal to treasure your pregnancy.
• Don’t forget we offer prenatal massage which is great to help you with labor and delivery.

Thank you for allowing Pregnancy Treasures to share in your journey
We wish you a smooth and healthy delivery.

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8K Life Like Images

8K info

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Diagnostic Screening Measurements

Eviction Notice

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Gender DNA 6+ get $20 off next ultrasound

DNA Info Here

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Open on this Sunday June 11th

We have Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Ultrasound Packages


Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage – Relax, decrease pain, sleep better, feel better with Pregnancy Treasures Boutique Prenatal massage. Schedule online or call for an appointment to rejuvenate and recharge through the power of touch. You will reap the many benefits of prenatal massage at Pregnancy Treasures.

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Welcome to Pregnancy Treasures 3D/4D/5D Ultrasounds!

Treasure your pregnancy journey in our relaxing, spacious ultrasound room. We have American Registered Diagnostic Ultrasound Sonographers with over 4 decades of experince combined. Having a baby is an amazing miracle and trying to imagine that tiny little bundle in a belly seems almost impossible. Come yourself or bring your family and friends to see your little treasure starting at 6 weeks into your pregnancy to delivery. We can comfortably fit 12-15 guests. We offer measurement and 3D4D5D ultraound packages. Treasure your session with our digital memories online movie/video and all of the photos that you can view on any device, anytime, anywhere. Family or friends that can’t make the session, no worries they can watch simultaneously with our digital memories live streaming package.

Access to Your Online Movie and Photos

Featured Services


Gender Ultrasound 14+ Weeks

boy or girl gender ultrasound


We Sell gender reveal products!

• Must be at least 14 weeks into pregnancy
• We have a high first-time accuracy rate but if we don’t get the gender you will return until we determine the gender
• Package includes finding gender, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, a sneak peek at 3D. Sweet package
• Receive a handful of b/w photos
• Time varies between 15 to 30 minutes depends on difficulty and schedule – we schedule 30 minute slots
• We are experts at NO REVEALS – TV off and we will give you two envelopes
• We sell gender reveal products: Smoke sticks, Powder & Confetti poppers, and Balloons
• Add a heartbeat animal for $65
• Add the entire movie and digital photos of your session for $10 – online private account

Twins there is an additional charge and we reserve 60 minutes. See Twins package here to book for twins – Thanks

boy or girl gender ultrasound

Gender Ultrasound
14+ Weeks


Marvelous Mermaid



• 3D4DHD ultrasound
• Excellent premium package
• 3D4D can be seen at any time of your pregnancy for “Best Time to View your Baby” calendar click here
• We reserve 60 minutes for this package
• Actual scanning is about 30 to 40 minutes; we have wiggle room if we need more time
• Plenty of time to capture good images if baby is modest and hiding
• Time for editing your photos that you take with you same day
• Great for large family and friends or just you and your significant other to enjoy your session
• Listen to your baby’s heartbeat and enjoy as you see your little treasure
• Includes our digital memories package which is the online movie of the session set to jazz music and all the photos in digital format
• 11 b/w photos of the 3D4D5D images
• Mommy bag
• If baby is hiding, we allow free repeats at sonographer’s discretion.
• TWINS this is your package – $25.00 twin up charge and you get double the photos)
• Add-on Heart-beat animal $35
• We offer a multi 2 pack option at check-out


Marvelous Mermaid
3D4D5D – 60 Minutes


DNA Gender Reveal Next Day Results

Meet Your Shrimp Ultrasound Package

Can’t wait to know your baby’s gender? We have an onsite phlebotomist.

• $149 next day results- Must be at least 7 weeks into pregnancy
• M – F schedule by 4:00 and you will get results next day
• Saturday schedule by 11:00 am for Monday results
• Onsite nationally certified phlebotomist to accommodate your schedule
• If you don’t see a time that works for you – call us we will make it happen
• Check out the DNA FAQ
• 99.1% to 99.6% accuracy
• add-on your 14+ week Gender Ultrasound for $59

Meet Your Shrimp Ultrasound Package

DNA Gender Reveal
Next Day Results


Twins Gender 60 Minutes


TWIN GENDER – $136 – We love Twins and we are exceptional at determining twin gender on ultrasound. You should be at least 14 weeks into pregnancy to schedule this package. Twin gender we schedule 60 minutes and we give you double the time compared to the singleton genders. Precious to see your babies side by side. If we don’t get both babies you come back free until we do… but we are good and high first time accuracy.
• Listen to both babies heartbeats
• Gender determination both babies
• 10 photos total – 5 of baby “A” and 5 of baby “B”
• SneakPeek of 3D4D of babies
• 60 minutes scheduled to allow time for both babies

• Add Heartbeat animal for $65
• Digital Memories (online movie and photos) included

ultrasound for twins

Twins Gender
60 Minutes


Post Natal Massage

post natal massage

Post-Natal Massage

We will call to confirm your appointment as massage therapist is not always on-site. Questions Call.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Postpartum massage can be as important and beneficial as massage during pregnancy. Postpartum massage is an effective and holistic approach for the many adjustments to motherhood. Massage is well known for relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief and other health benefits. Unique postpartum benefits include hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding.

To secure your appointment we will call you for a credit card to Hold your appointment. We will not charge card until your appointment or if you do not cancel within 24 hour notice. You may provide cc info during checkout for hold. Call with questions or other options. Thanks

post natal massage

Post Natal

Hours Vary

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Book online anytime. If you are able to book online we are open those hours. You  can also call to book or ask questions.

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