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Gender Ultrasound Determination 14+ Weeks

“Come Back” Guarantee!* If you are 14+ weeks and we cannot determine gender day of, we will bring you back for free until we do!  $99 Gender Determination – We have a high first time accuracy rate!

We have American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) at Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique and we are exceptional at finding your “little one’s” gender. At 14+ weeks via ultrasound we can do an Ultrasound Gender Determination. If you are less than 14 weeks we offer DNA Gender Determination as early as 6+ weeks. We encourage you to consider this option. DNA info

We are excellent at determining gender and we have a high first time accuracy rate. We highly recommend 14+ weeks for gender determination. We are so confident, our 14+ week gender determination package allows immediate repeats until we determine the gender with our *”come back” guarantee*. Which means, if you are at least 14 weeks pregnant per ultrasound and we are not 99%+ accurate (cannot be 100% due to insurance) you can return for a FREE repeat.

If you are less than 14 Weeks — We can determine gender at 14+  weeks into gestation based on our ultrasound measurements at the time of your scan.  We realize gender is not diagnostic nor a health concern, and we know every family, first and foremost, wants a healthy baby. We at Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique realize the importance of knowing gender and we strive to achieve accuracy. We specialize in ultrasound gender determination and highly encourage you to wait until 14 weeks pregnant (to receive the immediate free visit return guarantee*). If you thought you were 14+weeks and we determine you are less than 14 weeks we will see if you are close enough to 14 weeks and assess if we can determine gender. If we can’t because you are a bit too early, no worries, we will decrease your package to the “Guppy Beat package”.  If your OB determines the sex is not what we determined, to ease your mind, we will allow you 1 free repeat. You will need to bring us a gender photo, with your name on it, or a note from the doctor stating what gender they determined (must be on prescription pad or letter head). We are so confident with our gender determination we will reimburse you the gender determination portion of the ultrasound of $65.00 if we were incorrect.

We are Gender Reveal Gracious. We will keep your little one’s gender a secret. Just let us know before the viewing begins and we will put the photo of the gender in a Top Secret Envelope. If you prefer, we will call your bakery or email your friend/family member. Just tell us what to do and it is done.

We will try to see a glimpse of your baby in 3D/4D but this package is primarily for gender determination and we will not guarantee quality of the 3D/4D photos. 3D/4D, in the package, is for fun and to introduce images in 3D/4D format . We encourage you to choose Dolphin Tail or Marvelous Mermaid if you want more than a glimpse of 3D/4D or HD images.  Check out all of our ultrasound Pricing and Packages.


Gender Ultrasound 14+ Weeks

boy or girl gender ultrasound

We Sell gender reveal products!

  • Must be at least 14 weeks into pregnancy
  • We have a high first-time accuracy rate but if we don’t get the gender you will return until we determine the gender
  • Package includes finding gender, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, a sneak peek at 3D. Sweet package
  • Receive 3 b/w photos
  • Time varies between 15 to 30 minutes depends on difficulty and schedule – we schedule 30 minute slots
  • We are experts at NO REVEALS – TV off and we will give you two envelopes
  • We sell gender reveal products: Smoke sticks, Powder & Confetti poppers, and Balloons for your gender reveal fun.
    We are good and we are accurate. Yes we can tell your baby’s gender at 14+ weeks. Check out our Come Back Guarantee*
  • Add a heartbeat animal for $25
  • Includes the entire movie and digital photos of your session – online private account

Twins there is an additional charge and we reserve 45 minutes. See Twins package here to book for twins – Thanks

Please be sure drink 32oz of water within an hour of your appointment.
We need a full blatter.
* No refunds* 

boy or girl gender ultrasound

Gender Ultrasound
14+ Weeks


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