Infertility is a common issue in the United States. Over 10% of women have difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant. If you are struggling to conceive, here are some things you can do to naturally increase your fertility.

Regular yoga, massage, and acupuncture boosts fertility and increases your chances of having a healthy, viable pregnancy.

How does this work? There are four main ways that these practices improve fertility and prenatal health.

#1 Managing stress, anxiety, and depression

First of all, recent studies show that mental factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression have a negative effect on fertility. Yoga’s deep breathing and focus on mindfulness improves mental well-being. During massage a rush of oxytocin creates a feel-good state in the body. Subsequently, this decreases symptoms of stress. Activating certain acupuncture points can assist in blocking the body’s stress response. This brings a more positive outlook that increases ones fertility.

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#2 Balancing hormones

Secondly, conception, like many other bodily functions, is controlled by hormones. In other words, regulating them is the best way to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. Acupuncture balances hormones by way of needles placed in corresponding points on the body. Massage and yoga both bring the body into a relaxed state where balance occurs naturally.

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#3 Detoxifying reproductive organs

Toxins in our food and environment also play a major role in our reproductive health. Massage physically moves toxins through the body, encouraging them to make their way out. This is why it is so important to drink water following your massage therapy session. Likewise, acupuncture stimulates the body to release toxins that are trapped. Yoga’s combination of movement and breath-work detoxifies all of the body’s systems and leaves you cleansed and refreshed.

Pregnancy Treasures Yoga

#4 Increasing blood flow and circulation to the uterus

Lastly, restricted blood flow to the uterus is linked to implantation issues. Acupuncture improves circulation, using certain points to focus on the uterus itself. Yoga, like any exercise, increases blood flow. In addition, some poses, like Cobra, send that flow directly to the pelvic region for better fertility. Similarly, massage stimulates circulation. Massaging the femoral artery in the thigh boosts blood flow to the uterus. Improving circulation to this organ therefore increases its function, helping to provide the right environment to become pregnant.

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Pregnancy Treasures and Fertility

At Pregnancy Treasures we want to support you in a healthy pregnancy, from conception to delivery, and throughout your postpartum. We offer all three of these holistic services within our practice. Join us in our weekly yoga class or monthly yoga workshops. Schedule a therapeutic massage or an acupuncture treatment. Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey we want to help you treasure it. Learn more about our services or book one with us on our website, or by calling 727-576-3343.

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