Dawn, our lead sonographer at Pregnancy Treasures, earned the credentials of ARDMS (American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography) in Abdomen and OB/GYN. ARDMS is a globally recognized standard of excellence in sonography. She is both professional and personable.

The Bonding experience can be incredible. We have a beautifully spacious relaxing family room environment with high resolution HD 50-inch HDTV for your viewing and bonding experience. We offer High Definition (HD) ultrasounds in either our Marvelous Mermaid or Whale of a Time packages An elective 3D/4D ultrasound scanning session at Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique could be one of the most amazing experiences of your pregnancy! The importance and benefit of seeing your baby should not be understated. Bonding with your baby during pregnancy can have an immense benefit, and elective (non-medical) 3D ultrasounds has been shown to improve bonding between mother and child and also between father and child. Women who have received a 3D ultrasound may be motivated to have healthy behavior during pregnancy, such as taking prenatal vitamins, and are more likely to breastfeed after the birth of their child. They are more likely to quit smoking and avoid alcoholic beverages after receiving a 3D ultrasound of their baby. So there are many indirect and unmeasurable benefits to having a 3D ultrasound of your baby. It is sometimes argued, by healthcare providers that 3D/4D ultrasound sessions are not necessary and therefore should not be done (interesting observation, some OB physicians offer 3d/4d keepsake scans as a different business from their medical practice, so it is interesting how some healthcare providers still voice any negativity-just a thought to ponder.) Although 3D/4D sessions are not necessary for diagnostic reasons, the benefits to the pregnancy are significant. Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique is a premier 3d/4d keepsake ultrasound facility and Boutique, our keepsake scans can only be performed on pregnant women who are under the care of a physician. We do not require a prescription.

Safety concerns. Is my elective 3d/4d/HD safe? 2D ultrasound has been in use for over 4 decades and 3d since the 80's and no harmful effects have ever been shown from its responsible use to-date. 3D/4D ultrasound use the same frequency as your doctor uses in the normal 2D ultrasounds. Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique takes pride in their facility with a 2015 MindRay (top of the line) machine, sonographers, and technicians to capture your baby's images. Sometimes a topic of concern among "mommies" is how many u/s can one person have? or the frequency of having ultrasound; this is a great question. There is not a straight forward answer but a great example of receiving multiple ultrasounds, is a pregnancy which has been the result of in-vitro fertilization. These women have a diagnostic ultrasound every week for the first several months of the pregnancy with no harmful results. Reputable and responsible 3D/4D ultrasound centers, as is Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique, limit their scanning times to those much less than a typical 2D diagnostic scan. Though your session times may be twenty, thirty, or forty minutes, the actual time scanning in 3D is not the entire time. The baby is found in 2d for the 3d image and because the ultrasound machine saves the live footage which is acquired in 4D, some of the session is spent looking back through the saved footage, frame-by-frame, and taking the still 3D images. Its safety profile has been proven over the decades.

Critical factors for getting a good 3d4d or HD image. SPACE is the key. How Much Space is there remaining is a significant factor? Unlike 2D ultrasound which sees through everything (this is why you can see the organs and skeletal structure) in 3D everything becomes solid. Therefore, whatever is in front of the baby, (i.e. the placenta or umbilical cord), acts as a barrier to seeing the baby's face. So the more room left, the better the chance of seeing a clear view of the baby. Another important factor is HYDRATION. I can't emphasize this enough. Please look at our FAQ about hydration. And of course the position of the placenta. For more answers to questions please visit our FAQ

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