3D/4D/HD Keepsake Ultrasounds
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The Bonding experience can be incredible!

Your scanning session at Pregnancy Treasures may be one of the most amazing experiences of your pregnancy! Having a baby is an amazing miracle and trying to imagine that tiny little bundle in a belly seems almost impossible.

Ladies, we love sharing in your pregnancy journey at Pregnancy Treasures Boutique. We start as early as 6 weeks with our pregnancy confirmation Guppy Beat scans, our DNA gender as early as 8 weeks, our ultrasound gender at 14+ weeks and incredible 3D/4D/5D ultrasounds starting at 26 week. Yes we are accurate, good, and thorough! We assist in creating precious treasures through and beyond your pregnancy journey. We have a beautifully spacious and relaxing environment with a 50-inch monitor for your viewing and bonding experience. We offer High Definition (5D) ultrasounds during select 3D/4D scans.

pregnancy bump in stages

We create a comfy, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere during your ultrasounds. We offer state-of-the art images you can view anywhere, at any time in the world with our streaming digital memories package. When your ultrasound is finished you can relax and relieve some of your pregnancy aches during a prenatal massage. We want you to enjoy your pregnancy and we can help you deal with some of the stressors and changes that pregnancy brings through our Meditation classes, prenatal Yoga sessions, massage. We don’t stop at pregnancy as we offer post-natal massage, Soul Flow Yoga, and Guided Mediation to help ease you into your new and exciting post-partum life. We are the premier 3D/4D/5D ultrasound studio in Florida and we, not only want to pamper you, we want to bring you lasting memories during your pregnancy journey.

Trusted specialists

At Pregnancy Treasures Boutique we have dedicated, skilled, and enthusiastic staff who want to make your pregnancy journey comfortable, fun, educational, and memorable

Cutting Edge Technologies

Our ultrasound machine is top of the line with phenomenal detail and our trained staff are skilled to bring you the best images possible

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Pregnancy confirmation, gender determination, 3D/4D ultrasounds, DNA Gender Reveal, to massage, yoga, prenatal and postnatal education, CPR parent classes to kids crafts, yoga and more, Pregnancy Treasures is here for you.

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