5 Easy Yoga Poses

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these 5 easy yoga poses are perfect to add to your prenatal practice.

#1 Cat/Cow

These two poses go together to create a powerful pain reliever for your aching back. This duo is also great for helping to flip a breech baby in the later weeks of pregnancy, and for pain relief during labor.

How to:  Start on hands and knees, hands stacked under shoulders, knees stacked under hips. On an exhale arch spine upwards, tucking the chin to the chest and tucking the tailbone under. On the inhale reverse, sending the belly down, tailbone and gaze go up. Repeat as necessary.

#2 Bound Angle

Bound Angle is another pose that can be helpful during labor. It addresses discomforts of the hips and low back during all stages of pregnancy.

How to: Sit up straight, bringing the bottoms of the feet together. Allow the knees to fall open. Breathe deeply and let gravity gently pull them downwards. Try to keep the upper body relaxed, neck elongated, and shoulders away from the ears.

#3 Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a great stretch for the upper back. It lengthens the spine and makes room for your growing baby. This pose also facilitates relaxation.

How to: Start on hands and knees. Widen the knees and bring the feet closer together to make space for the belly. Send your hips back and bring forehead down to the mat, arms outstretched. Breathe deeply and melt into this pose.

A yoga block or pillow can be used under the buttocks and/or under the head to create additional comfort in this position. For another variation, bring hands to opposite elbows, and rest forehead on stacked forearms.

#4 Seated Side Bend

Seated side bends create space in the abdomen, allowing for relief from the breathing troubles and overcrowding of the last trimester. This pose also helps in building up the core muscles and avoiding back pain throughout pregnancy.

How to: Take a comfortable seated position with legs crossed. Place one hand beside you and reach the opposite hand towards the ceiling. Remember to keep shoulders relaxed. Walk the hand out on the floor until you feel a nice stretch down the side. Pause here and breathe deeply, imagining one long line of energy running from your grounded hip to your reaching fingertips. After a few breaths, switch sides. Repeat as necessary.

#5 Savasana

Savasana is the ultimate relaxation pose at the end of a good yoga practice. It brings peace and serenity to both the body and mind. However during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy this pose should not be preformed laying on the back, as it usually is. Instead, find a comfortable side-lying position.

How to: Lay down on your left side, on top of your yoga mat or blanket. Place a pillow under your head and neck, and a bolster or rolled up blanket between your bent knees for support.

This is also an ideal position for sleeping during all stages of pregnancy. Lying supported on your left side improves circulation for both you and your growing baby.

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