Gender Reveal

For most women, finding out their baby’s gender is one of the greatest highlights of their pregnancy. Many mothers-to-be say it becomes easier to bond with baby once they know this information. So naturally over the years it has become a celebration! Whether you are planning a party or just want some cute pictures to post, these 5 gender reveal ideas can help inspire you:

#1 Balloons


??? Boy or GIrl ???

Balloons can be an entertaining way to share your special news! Many families opt for releasing colorful balloons as a way to show the new baby’s gender. Pregnancy Treasures Boutique has gender reveal balloons that are a neutral black on the outside and pop to release either pink or blue confetti!

Gender Reveal Smoke Stick

Instagram Image Credit: @mrsmorganellis

#2 Smoke Sticks

If you plan to take the party outside, smoke sticks are an exciting addition to the scene. They also make for some of the best photos! Pregnancy Treasures Boutique always keeps these in stock.

#3 Confetti Poppers

Gender Reveal Party Cannons

Pregnancy Treasures Boutique Gender Reveal Party Cannons

It is thrilling to see a group of people armed with gender reveal confetti poppers! On the count of 3, when everyone releases their poppers, it rains an avalanche of pink or blue colored confetti and makes for one unforgettable announcement. Come check them out in the Pregnancy Treasures Boutique.


Gender Reveal Party Cannons

#4 Confetti Cannons

These are similar to the confetti poppers, but they pack more of a punch, shooting up to 10 feet into the air! They release either pink or blue biodegradable confetti, or a mix of colored biodegradable confetti and powder. You can find these exclusively at Pregnancy Treasures.

Gender Reveal Cupcake

Instagram Image Credit: @cupcakedelightsami

#5 Pastries

Cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops are a sweet and simple way to surprise yourself and your guests with the news. You may want to open a box to find a pink or blue frosted treat waiting inside, or you could cut or bite your way into the baked good to reveal a color-filled center. Either way it’s a fun way to find out your baby’s gender!

Whatever your gender reveal goals are, Pregnancy Treasures can assist you. From determining your baby’s gender via DNA or ultrasound, to helping you stock your party with the perfect accessories, we are here for you. We specialize in gender determination and can tell you with over 99% accuracy as early as 8 weeks pregnant!

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