1. We provide a Peace-of-Mind

Pregnancy Treasures has a relaxed and welcoming environment.  We do not report to your MD unless requested or needed.  We welcome family and friends for our ultrasounds and are proud to provide an important part in your pregnancy journey.   Our ultrasounds are reasonably priced allowing mommies to visit with baby anytime during their pregnancy.  We can visually confirm your pregnancy as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy and most of the time hear a heartbeat.  Many times mommies want to visit with baby during their pregnancy to get that peace-of-mind by seeing the baby move and hearing your baby’s heartbeat especially the first 14 weeks. It is not uncommon for mommies to visit their baby 8 -10 times in the early months of pregnancy.  We offer bundle packages to help with cost.  Through Pregnancy Treasures you can get to know your baby before baby meets the world.  What a gift.  See baby sleep, yawn, kick, drink, move and smile is priceless.


2. We have ARDMS

At Pregnancy Treasures we have American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) scanning, over-seeing the ultrasounds, consulting and a enjoying their positions.  At Pregnancy Treasures we want to give you the best experience.  Our scanners are phenomenal at capturing your baby’s 2D,3D4D5D images, heartbeat, and screening for estimated due date. Pregnancy Treasures is a non-diagnostic facility meaning we do not have a physician reading our images nor do we send reports to your physician.  Your OB or medical personnel are ultimately responsible for you and your baby’s health and wellbeing. Feel free to ask our ultrasound scanners questions, as we have extensive knowledge and experience and we always want you to verify anything and everything with your medical professional.

Pregnancy Treasures Angie Cassidy

Meet Our Ultrasound Tech: RDMS Angie Cassidy

3. We have longevity – we opened in 2009

Pregnancy Treasures was founded in 2009 when Nancy and Susan realized there was a void in the OB world.  We wanted to allow mommies, loved ones, family and friends to treasure the joys of pregnancy and to be an integral part of the journey.  Nancy is now the sole owner of Pregnancy Treasures and continues to foster the importance of bonding and peace of mind.

4. Heartbeat animals and Digital Memories

We want you to treasure your journey as it is a most special time.  We have the most adorable heart-beat animals of your baby’s heartbeat.  What a treasure!  We offer digital memories package which is an online movie and all the photos of your session allowing you to share with your family and friends your entire ultrasound scan. Through Pregnancy Treasures you can bond with baby, get to visually experience baby, feel relaxed knowing you can share these special moments with baby.  What a wonderful experience to see baby move, hear the heart-beat, watch baby drink, yawn or sleep.  It is heartwarming.

5. We can tell you EFW and EDD.

We can screen your baby and give you a non-diagnostic estimated due date (EDD) and estimated fetal weight (EFW).  At a diagnostic clinics these measurements can be costly up to $200.00+.  Pregnancy Treasures wants you to enjoy your experience and we offer these measurements as addons for under $20.00. Many moms love the EFW to give them a piece of mind or to track baby’s estimated fetal weight.

Pregnancy Treasures