There is no better time to join a yoga and meditation class than during pregnancy.

It has physical and mental benefits for both mother and baby. Below are six of the biggest perks of practicing meditation during pregnancy.

#1 Reduces Stress

Studies show that maternal stress has a large impact on developing babies. Physically it can lead to preterm labor and lower birth weights. Mentally there is a link between mothers with high stress and an increased chance of psychological issues for the baby. Meditation and mindfulness decrease the risk of these complications, leading to healthier babies.


Yoga at Pregnancy Treasures

#2 Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

The deep breathing of meditation lowers heart rates and regulates blood pressure. This is essential for mom and baby to remain healthy throughout pregnancy.


#3 Reduces Depression

Practicing meditation during pregnancy has proven to reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. These benefits extend to postpartum, protecting mothers from PPD and PPA.

#4 Aids Connection with Baby

Meditation creates mindfulness, giving pregnant women more awareness of their bodies and their babies. This fosters a better connection to the baby within.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for bonding with baby.

#5 Provides Better Sleep

Regular meditation reduces insomnia, which can be a common complaint during pregnancy. Pregnant women who meditate experience more restful sleep than those who do not.

Sleeping during pregnancy

Pregnancy Sleep

#6 Helps with Labor

One of the biggest benefits of meditation is the positive feelings it provides. With positivity comes a reduction in fear and a decreased perception of pain. This helps women with endurance during labor, and to feel more positively about their birth experiences after.

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