Looking for a great, low-impact exercise you can do during pregnancy? Yoga covers all your needs and more. Read on to find out 7 reasons why you should be taking a prenatal yoga class today!


Prenatal Yoga

#1 Relieves Common Pregnancy Symptoms

All your typical pregnancy problems can be made better with yoga! It helps to ease the bodily aches and pains. It decreases nausea and headaches. Yoga also improves circulation, which decreases swelling and puffiness. And it even helps improve digestion!


Prenatal Yoga

#2 Reduces Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Pregnancy can be a tense and stressful time. Prenatal yoga classes focus on deep breathing, stretching, and meditation techniques. This combination creates a relaxing atmosphere that melts away stress and decreases anxiety and depression symptoms.


Prenatal Yoga

#3 Improves Sleep

Sleep may become disrupted during the nine months of pregnancy, but yoga can restore it! Leaving yoga class feeling calm and centered makes for a better night’s rest.


Prenatal Yoga

#4 Prepares You For Labor

Many yoga poses strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These are the ones you will use during labor.  Yoga also increases the body’s endurance and flexibility, both which help when it comes time for giving birth. Not to mention, those breathing techniques may come in handy in the delivery room.


Prenatal Yoga

#5 Bonds Mom and Baby

Regular yoga facilitates a deep connection with the breath and body. During pregnancy it also helps mama connect with baby, since baby is still a part of her body!


Prenatal Yoga

#6 Builds A Support System

The nine months of pregnancy can be a long and lonely journey without any other moms to relate to. It can become even harder to find them once baby is born. Prenatal yoga classes offer a safe space to meet other like-minded women in the same stage of life. These bonds can last throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond!


Prenatal Yoga

#7 Keeps Mom and Baby in Good Shape

Taking yoga classes regularly during pregnancy will keep your body toned. This makes it easier to recover and lose weight after delivery. Also, a healthy mom equals a healthy baby. Studies show that regular yoga practice during this time makes it less likely that baby will be born prematurely or underweight.


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