Your baby is the star of the show while you and your guests relax and enjoy the show at Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique. You will treasure and bond with your baby at Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique!

If you are 8 weeks or 38 weeks pregnant you will see your baby and learn his or her personality through baby movements, sleep, and play. Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique knows the importance of capturing that smile, yawn, wave, that special moment when finding out baby's gender or just catching your sweet little treasure taking a nap.

Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique is led by its founder and owner, Nancy Falkenstein. Nancy opened Pregnancy Treasures in 2009. Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique has become a premier 3D4D keepsake ultrasound destination. We are experts at gender determination and capturing an image to treasure. Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique mantra is: Treasure your pregnancy, prenatal and beyond.

We recognize that every family is different and deserves the opportunity to choose what works best for them in childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. In addition to bonding with your child during pregnancy through one of our keepsake ultrasound sessions, our Boutique is designed for "mom" and her family, consisting gender items, classic neutral items, pampering mom and push presents, and baby and toddler keepsakes.

We offer in-house events and truly enjoy you and your guests. We look forward to sharing your special time while you see your little treasure.