Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique (PTB)

PTB is located at the Ibis Walk Shopping Center 10342 Roosevelt Blvd, St. Petersburg, Florida. We have an awesome Boutique with items for expentant mothers and specialty items for their infants and toddlers to include cloth diapers, splat matts, nursing essentials and more. We have a new MindRay DC-8 (Top of the line) ilive HD 2d/3d/4d ultrasound machine to capture awesome images to enhance your bonding experience with your "little one". 

Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique is led by its founder & owner, Nancy Falkenstein. Nancy spent 4 years in the US Navy organizing and implementing programs and events. Nancy graduated in 1990 as an Occupational Therapist and soon became an entrepreneur in the allied health field. In1999 she started an on-site and online successful continuing educational business for allied health clinicians. Nancy brings dedication, experience, and excitement to Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique. Danielle Vinciguerra, is the primary buyer and manager. Her undergraduate is in business with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. Nancy opened Pregnancy Treasures, a premier 3d4d keepsake ultrasound facility in 2009 and it has slowly grown. We are adding to our 3d4d keepsake sonograms, to include ilive HD sonograms and expanding our boutique both at our store front and ecommerce. Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique mantra is: Treasure your pregnancy, prenatal and beyond.

We recognize that every family is different and deserves the opportunity to choose what works best for them in childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. In addition to bonding with your child during pregnancy through one of our keepsake ultrasound sessions, our Boutique is designed for "mom" and her family, consisting of high quality maternity items for the fashion conscious mother, Nursing essentials, and baby & kids items, as well as providing excellent customer service.