8K Ultrasound Image

Ultrasound Images Go From 5D. to Lifelike 8K!

Pregnancy Treasures is taking it to the next level!

Want to see baby in amazingly “life-like” images

You can see your precious baby and treasure their image in 8K at Pregnancy Treasures.  The quality of 8K is amazingly real.  The technology allows improving the quality of 4D/5D ultrasounds, to which an extra realism is added, giving more clarity, without changing features of the baby.  8K is offering a new image in the field of ultrasound never seen before.  This is an add-on service to any of our 3D4D5D packages. Best when baby has big cheeks, starting around 28+ weeks.  However, we can do it earlier than 28 weeks; best to talk with Pregnancy Treasures.  We are so excited to offer this to you and your family.

How it Works:

  • We capture the stunning 3d5d high-quality image during your ultrasound scan
  • Decide to add the 8K option – we edit the 3D/5D image and prepare for your 8K image
  • Turn around time is 3 to 5 working days before you receive your remarkable photo in digital format
  • Format is digital – we will email you the 8K image once the process has been completed



Add-on item to our 3d4d5d ultrasound packages:

$30.00 if purchased with the Digital Memories add-on
$40.00 standalone add-on to any package

Pregnancy Treasures can do previous scanned 3D4D images for the 8K image. We can even do an image that we did not take if you have a digital copy. Any digital image can become an brilliant 8K image. The image you send us must be clear, meaning nothing in front of the baby as we can’t edit on our ultrasound machine.

It is that easy… and you will have remakable images of your baby! What a way to treasure your journey!