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Treasures your baby’s first home — Maternity Belly Casting!

Treasure your Journey with our maternity belly casting services.

Having a baby is an amazing miracle and trying to imagine that tiny little bundle in a belly seems almost impossible. Maternity belly casting is a special keepsake for you and your family for years to come. If you are planning on newborn photography, there is NO greater prop then the eggshell from your own womb. You can decorate your baby’s nursery or display anywhere in your home as a keepsake of your changing belly.

Your belly casting making session is private and you are welcome to bring your significant other, friend, or come alone.  When your session is over you will leave with your basic belly cast the same day.  We offer additional services that include sanding, reinforcing, edging, shaping, primer, molding and paint preparation for additional cost.  Once completed you can choose your finishing options to include basic belly casting to a fun monthly group painting and finishing workshop.


Belly Cast OptionsDescription
Basic Belly CastingPrivate cast making session and you leave with your mold.  Start to finish is roughly 60 minutes and actual molding is about 20 to 30 minutes –  $89.00  
Shaped Belly BustWe will shape your belly cast, sand, edge, reinforce, and apply ribbon for hanging.  This is an add on to the Basic belly casting – $20.00 (two day process – you will need to leave bust with us)
Painted Belly BustWe will prepare your belly bust for painting, prime the front and back, apply molding paste, paint a solid color or a gradient solid color from our choices and apply a ribbon for hanging. This is an add-on for the basic belly casting and shaping belly bust.  $48.00

You bring your shaped, edged and primed mold to pregnancy treasures to our painting workshop. We have a variety of designs for your belly cast and we have an artist to help you paint your bust step by step. Make it a date night or a girl’s night or come alone and join the workshop. Design is chosen for the workshops and you can customize your belly bust with colors and ribbons.

Customized PaintingConsultation with Artist Required