Having a baby is an amazing miracle

Trying to imagine that tiny little bundle in a belly seems almost impossible; we at Pregnancy Treasures can show you your little miracle as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy.

Come yourself or bring your family and friends to see your little treasure starting at 6 weeks into your pregnancy to 38 weeks. We can comfortably fit 12-15 guests. Treasure your session with our digital memories online movie/video and all of the photos that you can view on any device, anytime, anywhere. Family or friends that can’t make the session, no worries they can watch simultaneously with our digital memories live streaming package.

Will you get good photos?  Most of the time YES.  There are numerous factors that determine good photos while some factors are outside of our control (baby is inside the womb!). The sonographer may ask you to move from side to side attempting different angles to capture a phenomenal image.  Of course, the position of the baby, fluid level, and the density of the tissue we scan though play a factor into the quality of the image we capture.


Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique has qualified and experienced 3D4D5D ultrasound scanners. Pregnancy Treasures was founded in 2009 and are phenomenal at capturing images. Our experience both in 3D4D5D and diagnostics is impressive. We have ARDMS (registered diagnostic medical sonographers) working at and overseeing Pregnancy Treasures scans bringing experience in both private keepsake and diagnostic. Our exceptional scanning skills will give you a peace of mind knowing we have the knowledge base and the experience.  We are an elective private ultrasound facility and we are not diagnostic; which means, we are not associated with your OB nor do we have a radiologist read our images.  What we provide you with is the option to follow your pregnancy in a relaxing and peaceful environment with experienced scanners.

Pregnancy Treasures Angie Cassidy

Meet Our Ultrasound Tech: RDMS Angie Cassidy


Meet Dawn,


At Pregnancy Treasures it is your choice when you want to see baby!  Ultrasound can be used during pregnancy to check the baby’s development, determine gender, see the presence of a multiple pregnancy, and to watch your baby develop.  Being able to see your baby when you want is priceless.  Checking on your baby and visiting can encourage a sense of calm and excitement simultaneously.  Come alone or bring your significant other, family, friends, and guests is your choice and we encourage what your want at Pregnancy Treasures.  Ultrasounds at Pregnancy Treasures are abdominal so it’s non-invasive, painless and safe for both mother and unborn baby. According to a study in 2004, visually experiencing your pregnancy through ultrasound is a bonding experience like no other.  Your love can deepen and connect you and your significant other to your growing miracle of life.

Bonding moments for Dad or any significant other is critical and at Pregnancy Treasures, you and your significant other can bond with baby in a relaxing and caring environment. It has been shown that viewing the ultrasound also prompted men to think deeply on their roles as fathers, according to the study published online April 2001 in the journal Fatherhood. Encouragement from other fathers was important in making the fathers in the study decide to be present for the ultrasound, according to the researchers, the expectant fathers’ reactions ranged from quiet excitement to elation when viewing their baby.  There is significant research showing how mothers and babies benefit when fathers are positively involved and supportive during pregnancy, and we at Pregnancy Treasures always welcome dads, siblings, family, and friends to bond with baby.  We know how important it is for our partner to be part of the pregnancy journey and we strive to provide a positive experience for all.

History of Ultrasound

Some mommies are worried about ultrasounds and pregnancy and their baby.  Ultrasound is one of the standard tests for pregnant women.  Pregnancy Ultrasound uses a pulsed waveform while continuously moving the probe which means there is nil to minimal heat transmitted.  Ultrasound has been frequently used since the 1950s and there has not been any adverse effects as of this writing.  Ultrasound is the standard for OB tests.  3D ultrasound was introduced in the 1980s and became popular in the late 1990s.   There has been research on the safety of having multiple ultrasounds during pregnancy showing it is unlikely to cause any lasting harm to the developing fetus.  With that said, if you are concerned it is advised to avoid visiting Pregnancy Treasures and Boutique, LLC during your pregnancy for ultrasound.  It is advised to contact your health care provider to discuss any and all concerns relating to your pregnancy.

When should I get an Ultrasound

At Pregnancy Treasures we typically can see baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks into pregnancy and can visually document your pregnancy through 38 weeks.

  • Our “Guppy Beat” package is for pregnancy confirmation, listen or see the heartbeat, and to obtain an estimated due date according to our views.
  • Gender on ultrasound begins at 14 weeks with a high first time accuracy rate.
    • Side note: We do DNA gender determination starting at 7 weeks into pregnancy (small sample of blood taken from your arm by a nationally certified phlebotomist)
  • 3D4D5D ultrasound is so precious and can be done throughout your pregnancy with the following recommendations:
    • 23 to 27 weeks we can start to see facial features but not well defined.  You will see more of the baby’s body, hands and feet
      • Perfect for multiples
      • Preferred if you know your placenta is anterior (in front of baby)
    • 27 to 33 weeks is perfect if you only wanted to have one 3D4D5D ultrasound as the baby is building up body fat and has room to move.
    • 34 weeks to 38 weeks the face features are well defined just know baby is getting bigger and sometimes getting that incredible face image may be more challenging

To check out our Best time to View your Baby” calendar  Click for Best Time to View Baby Calendar

3d 4d 5d ultrasound

Laugh with Me

Pregnancy Treasures Ultrasound

Ultrasound 3


Water, is the essence of life and you want to drink plenty of water when you are pregnant as discussed in our WATER blog.  (click water to check out the water blog).  One of the most important factors in determining the quality of the 3D4D5D images is the amount of fluid present during the ultrasound. SO DRINK – DRINK- DRINK.  Drinking 10 – 8 ounce glasses of water 5 to 7 days prior to your 3D4D5D appointment will greatly help improve the quality of the photos.  The amniotic fluid helps the developing baby to move in the womb, which allows for proper growth. The more your drink it helps with amniotic production. Simply put – Drinking more water is a simple way of increasing amniotic fluid which means better environment for the baby and better 3D4D5D ultrasound images.

Water and Sand

We look forward to allowing you and your loved ones to visit with baby at Pregnancy Treasures.

Happy and joyous pregnancy

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