Dating Ultrasound Measurement
Guppy Beat
6 – 13 Weeks

Pregnancy Treasures offers measurement ultrasounds.  We have qualified American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) capturing images.  We will capture images and measurements equivalent to your medical providers dating ultrasound and Level 1 Measurement ultrasound.  Our ultrasounds are considered elective screening ultrasounds because we do not have a radiologist reading the images.  We will gladly fax a report to your medical provider upon request for their review or interruption.

These screening ultrasounds are perfect for the client who:

  • no insurance
  • high deductible
  • under-insured
  • just because – wants to be in the know

For your convenience we accept:

  • Cash
  • Health Saving Account
  • Credit/debit
  • No insurance

We will provide you a digital report upon request if needed for your HSA or insurance or Medical Provider.

Currently we offer two
OB measurement ultrasounds:


Guppy Beat 2D - First trimester dating

Guppy Beat ultrasound Package


Dating Ultrasound Measurements - Guppy Beat 6 -13 weeks  

  • See your baby and listen to your baby's heartbeat (FHR)
  • Confirm Pregnancy
  • We have American Registered Diagnostic Sonographers (ARDS)
  • Estimated Due Date (EDD)
  • Number of gestations
  • Location of pregnancy (IUP vs Ectopic)
  • This is an ultrasound screening only
  • Only upon request, we will send you your ultrasound report.
  • You will receive 2 - b/w 2D photos
  • No refunds or complimentary repeats with this package
  • Ask about our heartbeat animals starting at $25.00 (best at 8+ weeks)

Please be sure drink 32oz of water within an hour of your appointment.
We need a full bladder.
* No refunds* 

Confirm Pregnancy

Guppy Beat

2D 6-13 Weeks

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