When it comes to your pregnancy, every moment is a unique experience waiting to be treasured. At Pregnancy Treasures, we’re proud to offer seven specialized prenatal packages, each meticulously designed to guide you through different stages and aspects of this incredible journey. Whether it’s capturing the beauty of your growing baby through an ultrasound or unveiling the mystery of their gender, our offerings ensure that you cherish every milestone of your little treasure’s journey to the world.


  1. DNA Gender Reveal Next Day Results

Picture this: you’re just 6 weeks into your pregnancy, and the curiosity about your baby’s gender has been surfing your brain waves. Our DNA Gender Reveal test, available from 6 weeks onward, has next-day results with an incredible 99.9% accuracy. And it’s painless, thanks to our special microneedles!


  1. Guppy Beat 2D – First trimester dating

Between 6 to 13 weeks, you’ll want to confirm your pregnancy and establish some key details. Our Guppy Beat scan allows you to see your baby, who is at this time about the size of a guppy, and listen to their heartbeat. This ultrasound confirms your Estimated Due Date, the number of gestations, and the location of your pregnancy. You’ll even take home two black-and-white 2D photos as souvenirs!


  1. Gender Ultrasound Determination

You may be surprised to learn that we can determine your baby’s gender at only 14 weeks through ultrasound, but it’s true! This package includes finding out their gender, listening to their heartbeat, checking fetal weight, and peeking at them in 3D. You’ll leave with three beautiful black-and-white photos, digital photos, and a movie! And for parents expecting twins (or more!), we offer a special twins add-on option to double the excitement. Plus, we also offer gender reveal products like smoke sticks, powder & confetti poppers, and balloons, also known as thingamabobs, and even some whosits and whatsits (Little Mermaid reference) so that you can make a splash with your big announcement!


Treasure your pregnancy journey with digital images of your scan.


  1. Meet Your Shrimp

Capture a glimpse of your baby with our, “Meet Your Shrimp,” ultrasound service, offering heartwarming moments in 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD. You’ll receive two cherished black-and-white images, hear your baby’s heartbeat, check their fetal weight, and watch their movements on-screen. We provide a complete movie and digital photos so you can treasure the moment again anytime you want. Whether you’re early or well into your pregnancy, this session is perfect to cherish the journey from 18 weeks on.


  1. Dolphin Tail Bonding in 3D 4D

When you’ve reached the 24-week mark, it’s time to dive even deeper. Our Dolphin Tail 3D 4D scan lets you bond with your baby in 3D4DHD. Listen to their heartbeat, watch their movements, and take home four black-and-white photos or choose to add on digital photos and the movie of your session! This is a 20-minute adventure under the sea.


  1. Marvelous Mermaid 3D4D5D

At 24 weeks, you’re ready for a marvelous experience: our Mermaid 3D4D5D scan! If you’re confused about what 3D, 4D, and 5D mean regarding ultrasounds, we’ll break it down for you. 4D captures your baby’s movements, 3D captures photos, and 5D adds extra definition to the photos. While we’re scanning, we’ll also check your baby’s heartbeat and fetal weight. The process takes about 40 minutes, with extra time for editing your digital photos on the same day, so you have some good “postcards” from your baby to take home with you as well as the entire movie of your session.


  1. Eviction Notice: Preparing for Arrival

Ahoy, baby! As you approach the final stretch of your pregnancy, our “Eviction Notice” scan ensures you’re well-prepared. Starting at 27+ weeks, this screening ultrasound checks Estimated Fetal Weight, baby position, fetal heart rate, and more. It’s like plotting your course through the final stretch of your voyage, ensuring smooth sailing before your baby is landbound. You’ll leave with two photos and the option to add a treasured 8K (high resolution) image or a heartbeat animal to provide comfort for your new precious treasure.

With the best viewing window from 27 to 34 weeks, there’s plenty of time to capture beautiful images, even if your little one is shy. You can bring your entire family or enjoy an intimate session with your significant otherr. And to add to your new treasure trove, we also offer heartbeat animals, to provide comfort to your new baby.

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