Frequently Asked Questions

Photos, do you edit the 3D / 4D photos?

Yes. We will give you the best photos and we have the capability to edit on the spot. You will still leave with your photos in hand.

Cancellations, do you charge a fee for cancelled appointments?

We require a 24 hour cancelation or reschedule notice to avoid a fee. We will charge you a late fee starting at $50.00 up to the cost of the service if you cancel less than the 24 hours. We understand things come up so please call us if you need to reschedule or cancel. We have to pay our ultrasound techs and massage therapists if you are a no show or cancel at the last moment not allowing another guest on our waiting list to fill that position. At times we have therapists working multiple studios and they would greatly appreciate your understanding and kindness by please cancelling or rescheduling at least 24 hours before your appointment. We greatly appreciate your understanding. Our Cancellations/No-Show Policy

How many weeks do I have to be to determine gender?

We are excellent at determining gender via ultrasound. and we have a high first time accuracy rate. We highly recommend 14+ weeks for gender determination and sometimes we can tell you at 13.5 weeks. We are so confident our 14 week gender determination package allows free repeats immediately. Which means, if you are at least 14 weeks pregnant and we are not 99%+ accurate (cannot be 100% due to insurance) you can return for FREE immediately. If we were wrong, and are 14 weeks, we will reimburse you $75.00 which is the gender portion of your ultrasound scan. Our DNA GENDER DETERMINATION is 99.9% accurate. If you are at least 6 weeks into pregnancy, we will draw a small sample of blood from your arm and off to the baby gender lab it goes. We can tell you the gender as early as next day, in most cases. Book Your Ultrasound Appointment

Do I need an appointment for a keepsake ultrasound?

Walk-ins are welcome. With that said, it is highly recommended you make an appointment or call for availability. We have extended evening hours on Tuesdays.  We are open until 6 pm (except Wednesdays) and we are open 5 days a week including Saturdays.  Book Your Ultrasound Appointment

Photos, do I get session photos or movie?

Yes, each package comes with session photos and you can add-on the Digital Memories.  Our Digital Memories is a private online account so your ultrasound session streams to your folder and you can share with family and friends. Capture. Share. Your bragging rights are just a click away as your images are at your fingertips on your phone. Show off your precious treasure and enjoy your baby movements over and over during this special time. We strive to get as many photos of your session as possible. Our premiere package, Marvelous Mermaid, includes the digital photos, movie, and printed photos. We ask you to check your images and movie within 48 hours of your scan and let us know ASAP of any concerns.  Your digital memoires are yours indefinitely via your online account.  Note we do not store the movie on our end so please check your movie status, as we don’t typically store images for any length of time. The digital photos and/or movie is a great way to have your treasure just a click away.

Can I transfer my loyalty card to a friend or family member?

No, sorry the Loyalty cards are discontinued and no longer available since 2017.  We now have rewards points that accumulate in your private account.  

Do you have a policy for shopping, returns, or other retail related issues?

No returns on merchandise.  If the product is defected or damaged we will gladly exchange that item for you “Policy and Procedure” “Shipping & Return” and “Privacy Policies” for most of your answers. Please don’t hesitate contacting Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique regarding any questions or concerns.  Services are non-refundable.  Gender products are non-refundable unless a defect.  

Do you have any hidden fees for the keepsake ultrasounds?

No. The price that you see on our website is the price that you pay when you arrive at our facility. Many of our packages do have add-on options to fit most budgets and desires. We have the right to change the prices so it is always a good idea to ask. We have specials from time to time but we cannot combine discounts or specials. Like us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM to receive up to date information, discounts, and promotions. We have a newsletter that often will have exclusives as well. So between social media and our newsletter you should find something to fit your budget.
We do have a Late Cancel Fee if under the determined time frame. For specifics please see our LATE CANCEL POLICY. Book Your Ultrasound Appointment

How many guests can join me to share in this awesome experience?

Friends and family, of any age, are always welcome.  We can comfortably fit 10 to 12 guests.  If you have more than 12 please inform us so we can accommodate.  We request large groups wait in the parking lot and have the client check-in.   If you don’t mind close quarters we can typicallyt accommodate the number of guests you have to celebrate with you and your family. Our digital memories add-on has a live streaming feature.  So if you have lots of guests ask us about the live streaming feature so all can enjoy.

What type of machine do you use for 2D/3D/4D/HD ultrasounds?

Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique, in-deed uses the state-of-the art ultrasound DC-8 MindRay machine. This is the latest technology available on the market today! It has awesome 2d images and the 3D/4D images are incredible. We can tweak the 3d4d images even post session to enhance your experience. The DC-8 has an ilive or high definition feature and it is breathtaking. Our machine can capture incredibly clear images. 2D is exceptional, 4D imaging allows you to see your baby in “real-time” live movements such as yawning, sucking his/her thumb, playing with his/her feet and more. 3D image is a “still” photo taken from the movement captured in 4D mode. This all allows us to capture just amazing images. A 4D is a moving 3D and is live movements. Our incredible equipment & skill of the sonographer can also capture your baby’s image in ilive HD or high definition. It is awesome. Currently we offer the HD with our Marvelous Mermaid or Whale of a Time packages. Ask us for details. We have qualified sonographers and technicians that know how to get you the best images and strive for awesome photos. Of course the machine technology is state of the art and enhances your 3d/4d/high definition experience. Visit our 2D/3D/4D/HD Images/Videos section to see what our facility captures.

Will Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique contact my doctor about my 2d/3d/4d/HD ultrsound?

Your keepsake private ultrasound is an elective (non-diagnostic) keepsake scan, therefore it is not required to contact your doctor before or after the scan. We require that you are currently under the care of a physician and if you have questions or concerns, it is your responsibility to contact your doctor. Ultrasound technicians, in general, are not permitted to make diagnosis, regardless of the setting. We may, however, contact your doctor if we see something of concern during your scan, but remember we are not looking for anything diagnostic.  Upon your request, we will send our report to your health care provider.  Our Guppy Beat package or our Eviction Notice package have screening measurements and often are requested by health care providers.  We would have your sign a release before we would release.

Will you be able to see if anything is wrong with my baby?

Absolutely Not! We do not look for anything diagnostic; as this is an elective keepsake educational ultrasound. We have American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) trained in Ob/Gyn & Abdomen. However, Sonographers are not permitted to diagnosis regardless how experienced they are or what setting they are employed.  Diagnosising is the level of medical doctors. Therefore, no, we will not be able to determine if anything is wrong with your baby. We will not perform a medical diagnostic scan nor an evaluation during your voluntarily requested 2D/3D/4D/HD ultrasound. This service is purely for family bonding and enjoyment. This ultrasound will not take the place of your medical ultrasound performed by your ob/gyn physician. Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique requires you to be under the care of a physician for your prenatal health. It is highly recommended to read our “terms & conditions”  Our sonographers may share their opinions and it is your responsibility to verify all information.  Our Guppy Beat and Eviction Notice packages have general dating measurements and EFW measurements.  These are for information only as we are not associated with your medical provider.  These are informational and educational screeing purposes only.

Will my pictures be great like the ones you see on the internet?

All of the images, photos, and videos on our site are our photos captured by our ultrasound technicians using our equipment.  Although we cannot guarantee your images will be like the ones on our website, our Facebook, our social media sites, we strive to get the best possible images.  We know how important it is and we want our mommies and guests to see baby.  You can Visit our YouTube Channel for more images.  BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS DRINK 8 GLASSES of WATER a DAY for at least 3 to 5 days prior to your 3D4D5D. Several factors determine the quality of the ultrasound photos: -Maternal body tissue While the DC 8 Mindray ultrasound machine does allow us to make adjustments, maternal size may be a factor. Therefore, we make the following recommendations: Small framed clients, 5’2″ and under: We want your little one to have room to move so we suggest 25-30 weeks for 3D/4D/5D imaging. Fuller figured clients: If the mother is full figured, the sound waves have more tissue to travel through which causes grainier photos therefore 31-34 weeks is best 3D/4D imaging. -Amount of amniotic fluid is critical as Sound waves require fluid to travel through to create the images. The more amniotic fluid you have, the more clear your photos will be. So we recommend you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day for at least 5 days prior to your keepsake elective ultrasound. Another factor is the location of placenta. The location of the placenta is one factor that we cannot change. The placenta can be in front of the uterus, to the back or the side. If the placenta is in the front, it can block the baby’s face causing the scan a bit more difficult and it may have objects in the images/photos.  Position of baby is important.  If the baby is facing your spine, we will probably only be able to get pictures of the back of the head or possibly a profile. Our technicians will try to reposition you as an attempt to get the baby to move. Having more amniotic fluid will be helpful if this is the case. If you have any questions as to what time may be best for your appointment don’t hesitate to call. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Will insurance cover my 3D4D scan?
No. Because 3D ultrasounds provided by Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique are not medical procedures and are not medically necessary, medical insurance does not pay for this service. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

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What stage of development is the best for having a 3D/4D session?

Great question and every mother has her own opinion.  We personally think every developmental age is adorable and it is up to you to decide about your 3D4D5D images.  Many moms will have multiple 3Ds to see baby develop at different times. We encourage you to check out the 3d4d calendar for guidelines and recommendations. There is always “give and take” at each stage of development, but they are all beautiful. That’s why many families come more than once.
3D/4D Calendar

I have a belly ring, do I have to remove it before the scan?
Yes. Belly rings are metal and they will scratch our equipment and it can interfere with the images. Please remove prior to appointment. thanks
What should I wear to my ultrasound viewing?
We want you to be comfortable so please wear something comfortable to your appointment. Only your belly will be exposed, so wear something that allows for easy access to your belly. Typically dresses are not recommended. We can drape extra blanket for additional privacy, just ask if you have any concerns. Belly rings must be removed prior to session as the metal can scratch our equipment and it is not good to have in during the u/s. thanks.
How important is water during my pregnancy for getting good 2d/3d/4d/hd images?

Very important. As a mom-to-be, it’s essential to be doubly sure that you’re drinking enough water. Always ask your physician for specific amounts of water you should drink during pregnancy for you and your baby’s health. We will discuss the essentials of water or hydration for obtaining great keepsake images. In order for an awesome image to be obtained the better hydrated you are, the better opportunity to get those incredible images. It is highly recommended you drink your recommended 8 glasses of water a day for a few days prior to receiving you keepsake requested ultrasound. Some doctors even recommend more than 8 glasses but you must check with her/him to know your water intake recommendations. Remember water helps your body absorb essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, minerals, and hormones to the blood cells. It’s those nutrient- rich blood cells that reach the placenta and ultimately your baby, all with the help of water.

Do I need a full bladder for my 2D/3D/4D/HD scan?
Yes if under 20 weeks.  Must have an almost full bladder for Guppy Beat and Gender Scans please. We want to make this experience as pleasurable as possible. We do recommend keeping yourself well hydrated for several days prior to your visit. We suggest you have at least 8 glasses of water each day. This is especially important in the week leading up to your appointment. If over 20 weeks we recommend you go to the restroom once you arrive at our facility before your keepsake ultrasound. If you are under 20 weeks we ask you arrive with a half full bladder and that you try to hold your bladder until we at least start the scan, this is especially true for gender and “heart Beat” or Guppy Beat package.

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When is the best time for a 3D4D ultrasound?

Check out our 3d4d calendar to help you decide, it will give you all the info you need.
In our experience, the ideal time to get the good images on 3D ultrasound is between 23 and 34 weeks. We have obtained surprisingly good photos at 38 and 39 weeks but this is not recommended as the larger the baby obtaining good photos is unpredictable. Typically, but not always, after 37  weeks viewing can be unpredictable. Please note that sometimes after 36 weeks, the baby may have already begun his or her descent to the outside world, and in that case, images may not be obtainable at all. Please check out our Visit our YouTube Channel “Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique” to view our 3d4d paparazzi video. We think it is adorable.
3D/4D Calendar

Does the position of my placenta matter as to how clear the 2d/3d/4d/HD photos may be?

The placenta position may make a slight difference in your 3D/4D ultrasound session. If you have an anterior placenta, your placenta is on the front side of your womb and in front of the baby. This may cause some images to be less clear and a bit fuzzy. Although we strive to get the best photos, sometimes we may ask “mom” to move her position to attempt to change the position of the baby so the placenta is less of a factor. We recommend scheduling your 3d4d ultrasound before 30 weeks if possible and no later than 32 weeks for best results if you are aware your placenta is in front of the baby.

If you have a posterior placenta, your placenta is on the back side of the womb and in back of your baby and typically does not interfere with the photos but this is not always the case. We are only concerned about the placenta position for keepsake photos and we are not evaluating nor implying that the placenta position is positive nor negative. We are not saying that Neither an anterior nor posterior placenta does not have any health implications, but typically it does not, so it is not frequently something your healthcare provider will tell you unless you specifically ask. As always, ask your medical provider with any concerns.

How accurate is Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique at determining gender?

We are phenomenal at determining early gender at 14 weeks on Ultrasound.  We are so confident of our ultrasound photos that if we are incorrect we will reimburse you the gender determination portion of your ultrasound $75.00. Our DNA GENDER DETERMINATION is 99.6% accurate. If you are at least 6 weeks into pregnancy, we will draw a small sample of blood from your arm and off to the baby gender lab it goes. We can tell you the gender as early as next day, in most cases. CLICK HERE for more info about DNA GENDER DETERMINATION. and CLICK HERE to BOOK a DNA APPOINTMENT

Are there any benefits, other than seeing the baby, to receiving a 3D4D ultrasound?

We recommend you read our 2D/3D/4D ultrasound tab after you read this. The importance and wonder of seeing your baby should not be understated. Bonding with your baby during pregnancy has an immense benefit, and elective (non-medical) 2D/3D/4D/5D ultrasounds may improve bonding between mother and child and also between father and child as well as family and friends.
3D/4D Ultrasound Information

Can I see my baby in HD or High Definition?

Yes!! Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique has the HD or 5D technology offering incredible images in high definition. Currently, we offer HD with all of our 3D4D5D packages.  HD is best when babies are a bit bigger with chunky cheeks typically 3rd trimester. The HD capability is a wonderful feature and we are excited we can offer this incredible image to you. Ask for details.

Do I need an appointment for a keepsake ultrasound?
Walk-ins are welcome. With that said, it is highly recommended you make an appointment or call for availability.  Sunday appointments are typically one (1) Sunday a month and we require prepayment for Sunday appointments.

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Book online anytime. You  can also call to book or ask questions.

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