The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time to be pregnant! It’s great having extra days off to enjoy with family and of course all the yummy food you can eat. Although, there are some traditional foods you may need to take care to avoid during this time. Below is a list of some popular holiday foods that are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy.


Turkey is a staple during Thanksgiving but you need to make sure it has been properly cooked all the way through. Raw or undercooked meats of any kind are not a good choice during pregnancy. Smoked meats and deli meats are also popular at holiday gatherings and should be avoided. If you like to eat left over turkey later on, make sure you reheat it until it’s piping hot to avoid any issues.


Certain varieties of cheese, including soft and unpasteurized cheeses should not be eaten during pregnancy. So unless you can verify the origin, it’s best to skip the cheese platter this year.


Lots of families cook their stuffing inside the holiday Turkey. This puts the stuffing at risk for contamination from undercooked meat and could be potentially dangerous when eaten by a pregnant person. Try making a second batch of stuffing on it’s own so you can partake in the fun without having to worry.


Unwashed raw vegetables also pose a risk during pregnancy. They can cause the same health issues as undercooked meats. So make sure you prepare and store salads carefully, or use it as a good excuse to have another helping of potatoes instead!


The holidays are typically all about home cooking, which can be delicious, but also less safe for pregnant women. Make sure all homemade sauces and dressings are free of raw eggs, which can harm your health during pregnancy.


Custards and creams can contain raw eggs as well, and should be avoided. It can also be tempting to grab a finger-full of brownie or cookie batter when baking holiday treats, but this is not a safe practice during the months of pregnancy.


Many common holiday drinks are actually not pregnancy-friendly. Make sure apple ciders and eggnogs are pasteurized before consumption. Most purchased from the store will already be, but homemade versions likely won’t. It’s also best to check to see if there is alcohol being served in any particular drinks before sipping.

We hope this helped you navigate the dinner table at your next holiday gathering! Drop any questions or comments below, and have a safe and happy holiday season!!

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