Each person’s pregnancy journey is unique, but at Pregnancy Treasures, we are with you at each stage of your pregnancy and beyond. Our services are designed to support you and your baby. We provide both prenatal and post-natal care through our yoga and massage services. We provide a safe and welcoming environment because we know how important precious moments of wellness and relaxation are.


As the physical demands of pregnancy gradually fade, a new set of challenges and adjustments emerge. At Pregnancy Treasures, postnatal care begins after childbirth and includes revitalizing services tailored to address these unique needs. We aim to support new mothers in physical recovery, emotional well-being, and in navigating the intricacies of post-pregnancy life.


Our specialized postnatal massages offer rejuvenation and healing, alleviating muscle tension and promoting physical recovery. These sessions allow mothers to be pampered while their bodies recuperate—they deserve it!


Breastfeeding is also an essential aspect of postnatal care. Our expert guidance and massage techniques offer comfort and support for breastfeeding mothers, addressing concerns and discomforts associated with this nurturing practice. Techniques embedded in both our postnatal yoga and massage aim to improve sleep quality, providing much-needed rest amidst the demands of caring for a newborn.


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The postnatal yoga sessions at Pregnancy Treasures are also tailored to the specific needs of new mothers. Gentle movements and relaxation techniques incorporated into these sessions facilitate physical and emotional healing. For many new mothers, the desire to get back to a more active lifestyle is strong, and our yoga sessions are a great, gentle way to do that.


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New mothers can expect a wave of emotions post-pregnancy, from adjusting to a new routine to handling potential sleep deprivation, among other challenges. The services we offer at Pregnancy Treasures cater to these varied needs, with expert knowledge and endless compassion. Our commitment lies in empowering and supporting new mothers as they navigate the nuances of post-pregnancy life. Please click here to visit our website if you would like support on your journey.

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