Pediatrician House Calls are Here, at Your Door Step!

Head2Toe PediatriciansRosana Lastra, MD

House calls are here… And for good! Families in St. Petersburg, Tampa and surrounding areas have direct access to a board-certified pediatrician offering house calls through Head2Toe Pediatrics. They bring you old-fashioned  medicine with a modern twist!

YES!, this means exactly what it sounds like- the pediatrician will travel to YOUR home to provide care for your little ones in a comfortable setting they know… their home. However, Head2Toe Pediatrics does more than just house calls for your kids. They provide 24/7 access directly to a board-certified pediatrician. You call, it’s the pediatrician that answers your questions and addresses any concerns, always!

Head2Toe Pediatrics provides wellness care with a personalized approach focusing on your family’s goals and not the “one care fits all” model. They provide In-depth screening assessments & preventative health management.  This provides access to earlier identification of illness or concerns. They provide sick & urgent care: Healthcare when you most need it from a provider with a full understanding of your child’s health not just a moment in time

Why House Calls?

Families turning to at-home services may do so for various reasons. The most common reasons tend to be the following:
Convenience – Why pack up the kids when you can have the pediatrician come to you?
Avoiding Germs – Have you taken your child for a well visit and left with the flu?
Safe Environment – The doctor is coming to play with me vs I’m going somewhere scary
Time management – Eliminate time spent driving in traffic and sitting in waiting rooms

Families specifically looking at Head2Toe Pediatrics are drawn by the following:
Accessibility – Same day, after-hours, weekends and holiday appointments are always available for members
24/7 Direct Access – members worry less and avoid going down google rabbit holes or a last minute trip to the ER
Personalized Approach – Providers at Head2Toe Pediatrics focus on quality and take the time to communicate and never rush visits
Board-Certified Pediatricians – Board-certified pediatricians have undergone additional training and certifications specific for the care of children from 0-18 years of age. They are specialized and trained to address both simple and complex issues. These physicians may have FAAP after their name and are considered full fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the highest status attainable.

What Do Head2Toe Pediatricians Do During House Calls?

Everything that can be done at a pediatrician’s office, Head2Toe Pediatrics brings to your home!

Wellness visits include:

  • measurements
  • vital signs
  • screening tests (vision, hearing, urine)
  • in-depth development screens,
  • a detailed head 2 toe physical exam
  • vaccines and blood work when needed.

Head2Toe Pediatrics provides guidance and answer all questions parents have about their child’s health. If there are any concerns that need monitoring, Head2Toe will provide follow up care and coordinate referrals to specialists when needed.

Sick and urgent care visits include:

  • measurements
  • vital signs,
  • a detailed head 2 toe physical exam and any simple procedures needed such as stitches, splints and medication administration.

Head2toe Pediatricians can coordinate referrals, lab testing and any imaging needed based on the concern. If any follow up care is needed they remain accessible via tele-health services or a follow up house call.

Head2Toe Pediatrics revolutionized pediatric care in the Tampa Bay area by being the first and only pediatric practice to provide all primary pediatric
healthcare needs from the comfort of home. As a pioneer in this way of healthcare, they are dedicated to providing quality, convenient and accessible
healthcare for all!

How to Schedule a House Call?

It’s easy! Families interested in house calls for their kids can reach out to Head2Toe Pediatrics via:

Head2Toe Pediatrics founder is  Dr. Rosana Lastra.  She is a bilingual, board-certified MD Pediatrician with 8 years of experience in both the clinic and hospital setting. She has worked in a number of diverse environments, going from rural communities with limited resources, to Indian reservations with strong moral values, to vibrant cities with prestigious facilities and top of the line medical resources. Dr. Rosana Lastra’s ability to speak English and Spanish along with her vast expertise and cultural diversity, allow her to better serve our community.

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