DNA Gender Determination 9+ wks - $129

DNA 9+ weeks. $129.00 2 to 3 day results or $149.00 for Next day results. Everyone Arrive at same time - ONLINE SCHEDULING IS PLACE-HOLD ONLY. We will move your appointment to start time. We have an onsite Phlebotomist but best to attend an event. Days and times Vary. Please Call for appointment. Note Next day results are based on when the samples are actually mailed. Must ask for details.

Guppy Beat 2D - 6+ Weeks - $59

If you are 6+ weeks you can see you baby in 2D ultrasound. AMAZING!

This package is perfect to see your baby's movements, you can visually confirm pregnancy, listen to the heart beat or just to visit with your baby. Excellent 5 to 10 minute package at the beginning, end or throughout your pregnancy journey. Treasure the moment. You will receive a few 2D photos. Ask about our heartbeat animals starting at $30.00

NOTE: We offer a multi-pack at check out for additional savings.

Gender Ultrasound 14+ Weeks - $85

We Sell gender reveal products!

Gender ultrasound determination at 14+ weeks. We are exceptional at gender determination and if baby is modest you will return until baby shows us the gender. Time varies. Includes Listen to the heartbeat, gender determination found in 2D, 5 b/w photos and a glimpse of baby in 3D4D. Treasure the session with our digital memories package which goes to your mobile devices or smart TV for an extra $25 or a heartbeat stuffed animal for $30

Twins there is an additional charge and we reserve 60 minutes so please call us to book.Thanks

Meet Your Shrimp - 10 Minutes - $85

Perfect for a quick look at your little treasure in 2D/3D/4D ultrasound. Receive handful of b/w images of your 3D4D session, listen to your baby's heartbeat and enjoy watching your baby's fetal movements. You can add the movie and photos in our digital memories for $25 or a heartbeat animal for $30.00. NOTE: We off multi-pack options at checkout for savings.

Sorry this package is not suitable for twins please look at our Marvelous Mermaid package for twins

Dolphin Tail 3D4D - 20 Minutes - $120

Great 3D4D ultrasound 20 minute package to bond and see your little treasure. Includes listen to heartbeat, handful of b/w photos 1 high quality color photo, viewing your baby's movements and tons of bonding. Great package to relax and enjoy.

You can add on a heartbeat animal starting at $30.00 and/or you can add our digital memories package with the movie and photos of the session sent to your mobile device (phone/tablet/smart TV) for an additional $25.00

Sorry this package is not suitable for twins please look at our Marvelous Mermaid package for twins.

Marvelous Mermaid 3D4D5D - 60 minutes - $175

Excellent premium package as we reserve 60 minutes for this package to allow editing, extra time to capture baby images, and sit back and relax. Listen to your baby's heartbeat and enjoy as you see your little treasure.

Includes our digital memories package with the movie of the session set to jazz music and photos sent to your mobile device (phone/tablet/smart TV). You will also receive 11 photos total with 3 high quality color photos and 8 black and white.

Mommy bag included. If baby is hiding we allow free repeats at sonographer's discretion. If you have twins this is the twin package ($25.00 twin charge and you get double the photos)

NOTE: We offer a multi 2 pack option at check-out