Pregnancy Treasures Ultrasound Packages


From Pregnancy Confirmation, Gender Determination to Just Spending Time with Your Treasure, We Have an Ultrasound Package That Will Meet Your Needs

Meet Your Shrimp Ultrasound Package

DNA Gender Reveal
$139 Next Day Results

$139 – Next Day Results 99.9% accurate–  Fastest in the industry. On-site Phlebotomist allowing a flexible and pretty much anytime available for your schedule. Add same day guppy ultrasound or only $30.00

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Guppy Beat ultrasound Package

Guppy Beat 2D – 6+ Weeks

$65 – 2D ultrasound to see baby’s heartbeat or visually confirm your pregnancy.

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boy or girl gender ultrasound

Gender Ultrasound 14+ Weeks

$87 – Gender determination. We sell smoke sticks, powder confetti, and balloons for your gender reveal fun. We are good and we are accurate. Yes we can tell your baby’s gender at 13.5 weeks.

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Twins Gender – 60 Minutes

$130 – We love Twins and we are exceptional at determining twin gender on ultrasound. You should be at least 13.5 weeks into pregnancy to schedule this package. Twin gender we schedule 60 minutes and we give you double the time from singleton genders. Online movie and all the session photos included in twin gender.


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Meet Your Shrimp – 10+ Minutes

$90 – Great package for a quick peek to see your little one anytime during your pregnancy. We have a package of 3 ultrasounds to save $70.


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dolphin tail ultrasound package

Dolphin Tail 3D4D – 20+ Minutes

$120 – Great scan and most popular ultrasound. We schedule 30 minutes so we have a little wiggle room for your 20+ minute 3D4D5D.

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Marvelous Mermaid 3D4D5D – 60 Minutes

$175 – We schedule 60 minutes and scan for 30 to 40 minutes. This package allows extra wiggle time if baby is playing hide and seek. Premium package. TWINS this is your package.  Great package for large groups or to relax and enjoy.  Movie and Photo digital memories included.

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Save with Multi-Session Packages

Guppy Beat ultrasound Package

Visit With Baby in 2D

$170 Package Includes:

  • Total Savings $55 while you visit with baby from 6 weeks to 38 weeks in 2D viewing.
  • Great for visual pregnancy confirmation
  • Wanting to visit with baby or see baby’s position
  • Listen or see baby’s heartbeat each session
  • 3 – Guppy Beat sessions – ($195.00)
  • Large high quality photo of the baby in 2D viewing each session  ($30.00 value)
  • Black and white photos for your baby book (handful)
  • 2D viewing only – If you are looking for 3d4d5d consider our Treasure Your Journey package
  • Add a Heartbeat animal for $30.00


Treasure Your Journey 3 Meet Your Shrimp Series

$270 – Total savings $60.00 while you treasure your pregnancy journey with this package.

Package includes:

  • 3 – Meet Your Shrimp 10-15 minute sessions of 3D4D5D ultrasound ($270.00 Value)
  • 1 color photo for each session ($30.00 value)
  • Black & White photos — handful
  • Digital memories package each session which is online movie and photos of the session ($30.00 value)
  • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Recommend 3D4D5D viewing at 24-26 weeks; 28-30 weeks; 32-34 weeks
  • Add-on heartbeat animal for $30.00


Marvelous Mermaid 3D4D5D – 60 Minutes

$275 Package Inlcudes:

  • Save $75.00
  • Premiere Package which is Two (2) sessions Marvelous Mermaid 3D4D5D ultrasounds
  • 3 High Quality color photos each session
  • 8 black and white photos of the session each session
  • Online movie and all the photos of your session (Digital Memories) each session
  • 60 minutes scheduled- with scanning for 30 – 40 minutes allowing us wiggle room if baby is playing hide-n-seek, time to edit the photos and time to relax.
  • Recommend 3D4D5D viewing 26 weeks and 32