Have you ever considered joining a mommy meet up group? Are you wondering what it’s all about? Read on, as we share all the details below!

Mommy meet up groups are beneficial to women in all stages of motherhood. Pregnancy, early postpartum, and the later days of raising children all pose their own struggles mentally and physically. Having the support of like-minded ladies eases the transitions.

First of all, pregnancy and motherhood can be surprisingly lonely. Old friendships often shift and change because of new commitments and demands. Mommy groups offer a place to connect with others experiencing similar daily situations.

This regular socialization can help combat depression during pregnancy and postpartum. Getting to hear from others who are going through the same feelings and emotions provides much needed validation. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is to know you are not alone.


In addition, these gatherings get mama and baby out of the house. During the early postpartum months this can be hard to do. Whether a first baby or not, it is overwhelming at the start. Having a safe, supportive environment to go to each week eases the stress.

It’s also never too late to start a routine. Routines are necessary for children, but beneficial for adults as well. Having a weekly schedule helps keep you organized.

Lastly, these mom get-togethers aren’t just mindless chatter. They are a great place to share information, resources, concerns, and ideas. This can be crucial, especially for first time moms. You might discover new knowledge of the stages of pregnancy or labor, or preparing for baby with all the essentials.

Gain tips on things like breastfeeding, weaning, diaper rash, car seats, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and toilet training. Or get a recommendation for a good pediatrician, lactation consultant, doula, or mental health counselor. The topics are endless and there is always something new to take away.

mommy meet up

If you are interested in finding a group near you, Pregnancy Treasures is now offering a FREE MOMMY MEET UP.

This is held every Wednesday from 10-11am. All mothers and expecting mothers are eligible to join. Little ones are welcome to come along too. Open discussion will be held regularly, with occasional special guest speakers.

Click below to find out more details or to sign up.

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