The use of ultrasounds in prenatal care has revolutionized the way we visualize and monitor the development of babies in the womb. However, concerns regarding their safety and the frequency of their use often arise among expectant parents. At Pregnancy Treasures, we understand the importance of addressing these concerns regarding the well-being of both mamma and baby.


Are Ultrasounds Harmful to Your Baby?

One of the most pressing concerns for expectant parents is the safety of ultrasounds. Extensive research and clinical studies conducted over decades have indicated that standard diagnostic ultrasound scans pose no known risks to pregnant women or their babies when used as prescribed by healthcare professionals. Ultrasounds utilize sound waves, unlike ionizing radiation (such as X-rays), making them generally considered safe for routine use in pregnancy.


How Many Ultrasounds is Too Many?

While the safety of ultrasounds is well-established, the question of how many ultrasounds are safe during pregnancy often surfaces. Healthcare providers typically recommend a standard set of ultrasounds throughout pregnancy to monitor fetal development and ensure everything is progressing as expected. The number of recommended ultrasounds may vary based on individual circumstances, including high-risk pregnancies or specific medical concerns. At pregnancy treasures, we offer 6 different ultrasound options with opportunities for repeats of certain scans to support you through your entire pregnancy journey from as early as 6 weeks.


Do you need Pregnancy Ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds help us determine things like how many babies are being gestated, the baby’s heartbeat, their growth and development, gender determination, and much more! Regularly checking up on your little one can be important in making sure the baby is healthy and that there are no abnormalities or complications with the baby (or mamma).


It’s important to note that the benefits of properly conducted ultrasounds, aiding in identifying potential complications or ensuring the baby’s well-being, greatly outweighs any potential concerns. However, unnecessary or excessive use of ultrasounds without medical indication is still not recommended. Healthcare providers typically schedule ultrasounds based on medical necessity and the stage of pregnancy. That’s why, at Pregnancy Treasures we offer ultrasound packages throughout each stage of your pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider or call our office if you have any additional concerns or questions regarding ultrasounds during your pregnancy journey.

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